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Quality Oil tempered steel springs

G and F uses the same high quality spring wire used in demanding commercial garage door applications for the most reliable performance. Call us today for fast same day repair. All of our work and products are guaranteed 100%.

Noisy rollers replaced fast

Believe it or not one of the easiest ways to quiet a noisy garage door is to replace your noisy garage door gunked up garage door rollers with high quality nylon high cycle 13 ball bearing roller. You will notice the difference almost instantly after being replaced. Cheap plastic and metal roller are engineered to last 6 month to 2 years. 13 ball bearing roller are engineered for more demanding applications. When you install them on a residential garage door you will have a product that in most cases will outlast your garage doors lifespan with performance that will rarely faulter.

Garage door overhaul service

If you have a noisy garage door it is probably attributed to one of the above reasons. Garage door torsion springs loose tension after years of use and with out being retensioned can cause unwanted wear and tear on your garage door openers internal components. The average garage door opener repair starts at 130 dollars. Our garage door overhaul addresses all equipment attached to your garage door which includes tightening of all bolts and screws, replacing of work cables, springs and worn hinges where required and much more ... you will aslo get a new set of 13 ball rollers installed for one low price. Call today to schedule your service today call 210-265-5331

Our latest news

Emergency Door Repair

Emergency door repair that just cannot wait? Is your garage door stuck in the opening and will not go down? Is an open door preventing you from securing your home? We offer emergency garage door repair call us now we'll secure your home fast!


we repalce all garage door sections from custom wood door sections to plain steel and insulated steel garage door sections. We have matching sections for for MId American, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, CHI, Windsor Door, Amarr, Old style masonite panel doors and more. Do you need a hard to find replacement seciton for a masonite garage door. We can custom make it for you for a fraction fo what you would pay the big corporate companies to make call us today at 210-264-5351

Garage Door Openers Repairs

Is your opener acting up? we service all makes and models of garage door openers and carry all the parts we will need to get your garage door opener running like new again. We also perform adjustment, board replacement, service, and much more....